When you SHOULD be throwing out your make-up!

As, like most things, make-up also has expiry dates and they are important to stick to, especially if you don’t want your face to take the hit and suffer the health implications!

Not everyone chooses to abide by expiry dates, however if you do, your face will thank you for it in later years!

Make up bags and products are a breeding ground for bacteria – definitely not to be layering your face up with!

Here is your complete guide for when you should be revamping products in your make-up bag!


Revamp: every 3 months.

A lot of people believe mascara lasts 6-12 months; however, the best make-up experts say a maximum of 3 months. Mascara is the biggest perpetrator for spreading eye infections so to avoid this, replace after 3 months!

Foundation and concealers

Revamp: every year

Luckily, foundations have generous expiry dates. Previous analysis’ of old foundations have found traces of two bacteria; staphylococcus and streptococcus. Both of these bacteria can cause serious infections including life threatening conditions! If your foundation has become exceptionally clumpy, thick or runny it is time to throw away earlier than the predicted year! Remember to store your foundation in a cool, dry place!


Revamp: every year

Many are in disagreement on when eyeshadow should be thrown. Your usual powders should last 2 years, however because eyeshadow is in regular contact with your eye, it is at high risk of spreading eye infections.

Lip stick/glosses/liners

Revamp: every year

These products can last a long time, however, most experts suggest 1 year. Keep an eye on them for any change in colour, scent or consistency, these are signs it is time to get rid!

Handy tip: Keeping lipstick in the fridge prolongs their shelf life!


Revamp: every 2 years

Lucky for your make-up budget, powders are the least likely to attract bacteria growth which means less health risks. However, your powder make-up brushes need to cleaned regularly! Keep an eye on these products for any change in colour, scent and consistency. If you notice any changes, it’s time to get rid! For cream blusher and bronzers, discard after a year.

Nail polish

Revamp: every year

Nail Polish also poses health risks including bacterial fungal infections. Signs to look out for: separation, gloopiness and If you physically can’t get the lid off – just let it go.

Perfumes and fragrances

Revamp: every 3-5 years

Perfumes should be thrown every 3-5 years (that’s if they last you that long!). There have been occasions where they have lasted 8-10 years however this is unusual. If your perfume and fragrances are ‘off’ you will notice a slightly ‘off’ smell and the color will change. If this happens then you should consider binning. Most perfumes will also state on the bottle for their ‘sell by date’ so if you’re unsure go by this date.

Body lotions and potions

Revamp: every year

Once these products are opened, over time, the products are not just ineffective, bacteria will grow which cause rashes and infections. Lotions that are in a pump are less likely to contain bacteria, while creams in jars that are regularly in contact with your hands should be tossed after 6-9 months. Water and air that get into bottles/jars break down the formulas.


Revamp: different for each type!

Your every-day eyeliner should be thrown out and replaced every 6-12months. However, your liquid and gel eyeliners trap bacteria much easier so liquid should be replaced every 3-4 months and gel every 2 months.


Revamp: every 2 years

Make-up brushes should be replaced every two years. If you are using the brushes every day, you might need to consider replacing them even sooner! Bacteria builds up so it’s important to keep your brushes clean!! Although the average brush last 2 years, their life span ranges from 1-5 years depending on the quality and how often they are washed. Make sure to wash your makeup brushes once a week, especially if you use them every day!

Sun cream

Revamp: every 6 months

Sun cream usually has an expiry date on the bottle, however if they don’t, 6 months is a reasonable amount of time to go by. If sun cream is used after the expiry date, it will no longer protect you from the sun and rays, creating risks of premature ageing and skin cancer. To ensure longer lasting sun cream, it should be stored in a cool shaded place at all times.

Remember if its funky or gunky, toss immediately!

Bye for now…