For those that love makeup, vanity mirrors are a must have, there’s no better way to get that winged eyeliner just right, or work that contouring. When it comes to vanity mirrors, here’s all you need to know. When it comes to stylish and beautiful makeup mirrors can now bring Hollywood glamour into your home. There’s a variety of styles available, from classic frameless designs, or frames which have high gloss finished. There’s options to include them into every room, whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or a professional studio.

Vanity Mirror with Lights

Transform your boudoir, bathroom or salon with a touch of Hollywood glamour, at Reflections of Me we provide a range stunning vanity mirrors with lights, they provide the perfect lighting effects when it comes to applying your makeup or doing your hair. We offer a range of exceptional dressing table mirrors, they’re the ultimate beauty accessory and provide a luxurious sophisticated to your vanity area, choose light up mirrors. The vanity mirrors with lights that they provide offer ultra-thin profiles, fusing modern aesthetics with functionality. The LED lighting mirrors that we provide are a stylish accessory for your home, whether you need to shave, pluck your eye brows or fix your hair, the enhanced lighting on the vanity mirrors means you can do so with ease. At Reflections of Me we have a range of sizes and styles to suit your space, you’re bound to fins the perfect mirror for your needs.

Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

The vanity mirrors we provide at Reflections of Me are perfect mirrors for all of your makeup and décor, including selfie, needs. The mirrors we provide are designed and created with beautiful form, useful functions and durability in mind. The Hollywood vanity mirrors that we offer provide glamourous lighting and superior clarity for the years to come, this will make every makeup session a pleasure and you’ll fall in love with each and everyone. Lighted vanity mirrors are one of the best ways to apply makeup, without one you may find it hard to get that perfect winged liner or the smoothest lipstick application. These specialist vanity mirrors can give you a close up look at your face that traditional mirrors simply cant offer. Nowadays, technology for lighted makeup mirrors includes touchscreens, handheld LED mirrors for on-going primping and ones that even look like iPads when they’re closed.

Vanity Mirrors with Lights in the UK

At Reflections of Me, we’re a leading name in light up vanity mirrors and for a good reason, we offer a wide range of Hollywood makeup mirrors, so you have a selection to choose from. You look stunning already, but with our range of light up mirrors, you’ll find something that you’ll be gazing at for hours on end. From vintage styles, to contemporary mirrors, we provide a selection of on-trend mirrors, there’ll be something more than suitable for your home. So if you spend a lot of time doing your makeup, the Hollywood vanity mirrors we offer are a dream come true for your makeup applications. Our LED vanity mirrors come with dimmer switches, allowing you to bring your make up game to whole new level. Whether you’re a professional make up artist or a self taught enthusiast, our Hollywood vanity makeup mirrors will bring your game to the elite level. Reflections of Me’s Hollywood light mirrors are a must have to ensure that you look your best everyday.

Vanity Mirrors from Reflections of Me

We provide the original, highest quality vanity mirrors with lights across the UK, we’re also the number one supplier when it comes to professional makeup artists, salons, celebrities and homes. The vanity mirrors that we provide are more than just makeup mirrors with lights around it, they’re about making a statement, creating a certain look and feel, as well as offering great customer service. Whether you’re looking for black or white gloss mirrors, freestanding or wall mounted, all of the professional vanity mirrors we offer include LED bulbs of only the best quality, you’re bound to create the perfect setting. Reflections of Me’s passion for providing the ultimate beauty accessory alongside exceptional customer service is what makes us one of the most popular retailers for illuminated vanity mirrors in the UK. You can trust that you’ll receive a vanity mirror of premium quality, there’s really nowhere else to go.