Summer complexion looks aim for a less is more effect. Sun kissed skin is meant to glow and not look heavy, like some winter makeup looks. 



We’ve put together a list of must have items to keep you looking and feeling summer ready this season!


1. Stay in place Gel Liner will go on smoothly and stay on all day!



2. Tinted Moisturizer washes you with a glow without feeling heavy on the skin.



3. Overnight Self Tan will give you a skin kissed look whether you have been to the beach or not!



4. Waterproof Mascara is a desert island must have! Adding volume and length to those lashes without giving you panda eyes! 



5. Eyelash Curlers will keep your look fresh and simple with or without mascara elongating those lashes. Get yours in our Hair and Beauty department.




6. Translucent powder will stop you looking hot and sweaty, never a good look! It doesn’t load you up with pigment and will keep that shine tamed.



7. A Peachy Lipgloss will give you an immediate summer smile. It goes with just about everything especially your summer glow!



8. Neutral toned nail polish will take you anywhere this summer and goes great with a tan. Remember to match your toenails too!


 Have a super summer from all of us at Reflections of Me!