Smoky eyes are always very popular for glamorous nights & evenings out however, do not discard it for during the day! You can get a softer smoky look by following this step by step tutorial!

By using a lighter tones or by simply giving less intensity to the colour, you will have the perfect daytime finish.

What you will need :

Mixed Eyeshadow Palette of your choice for your smoky look. Make sure to pick some darker and lighter shades! A Black Khol Eyeliner, Black Liquid Eyeliner and Black Mascara to add intensity, a set of “Reflections of Me” Makeup Brushes & Eyelash Curlers and you’re good to go!

Step One

Apply your eye shadow. Begin by applying the softest, lightest colour on the upper eyelids and under the lower lids, then apply a darker colour across the crease of your upper eyelids. Sweep a little bit of darker eyes shadow in to the corner crease too, making sure you blend the colours well!

Step Two

With a steady hand, apply the liquid eyeliner. Start by drawing the upper line from the inside of your eye lids and follow the line out and upward. Repeat several times to create a thicker line so your eyes will look bigger!

Step Three

Apply  mascara from the base of your lashes upwards. Repeats several times on upper and lower lashes to get full coverage. Open your eyes well to avoid clumping. Don’t forget to use your Reflections of Me Eyelash Curlers!

Step Four

Give the final touch to your gaze by applying  a darker colour under your lower lashes, to give more intensity! Stay a bit lighter for day times or go darker (see below) to become a smoky, night time Diva!