Did you know we spend around one third of our lives in bed? It is important that your bedroom should be practical, yet beautiful. Decorating your bedroom is a fantastic way to express your own personality and style, creating a look you absolutely adore!

Top Tips on Redecorating your Bedroom

Your home may have an overall decorating style to it, but each room in your home has its own very subconscious style depending on how the room is used and who uses it. It is important to consider the needs of each individual room, it is important that home décor should reflect your personal tastes and interests, whilst still keeping in function with the room.

When it comes to your bedroom, you need to keep in mind it is a place of rest, meaning your bed will be the main focus and the most important piece of furniture within your room. Investing in a good quality mattress and pillows is always a good place to start.

Learn the main rules to remember when decorating your bedroom.

Keep it Simple

Your bedroom is a place of rest, therefore should be one of the most inviting rooms in your home. Your bedroom should look cosy, simple yet sophisticated regardless of your decorating style. For ease of movement it is important leave room around your bedroom walls and bedroom furniture.

When it comes to your bedroom furniture it is important to remember that you should only furnish your bedroom with pieces that you need for example; a bed, one or two bedside tables, a dresser and a chair are necessities if you have a larger room there is always space for a chest of drawers.

When talking about bedroom accessories keep it minimal, think a beautiful piece of artwork, some family photos, add flowers and candles, then leave it alone.

Choose the Right Size Furniture

Now we know the necessities and furniture basics you are ready to buy your bedroom furniture. It is always best to start out with a floor plan and measure the drawing space. Your furniture should blend seamlessly into your room. If your bedroom is only small it isn’t best to have a large heavy dresser or bed, if the ceiling is high invest in a high headboard to help visibly bring down the size.

If your bedroom is large, choose furniture that fits it, too. Add a chair and ottoman or place a piece of furniture at the end of the bed. Furniture and accessories that are too small will look lost in a large room.

Subtle Colours

Your bedroom is your sanctuary therefore having a colour palette of muted and soothing tones can keep your mind peaceful and calm; think colours such as gentle hues of blue, lavender or green. If you are wanting something more rich think toasty browns, topaz and pomegranate, as these create a warm and cosy ambience.

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom lighting is important for setting the right mood, as well as for allowing you to read and get dressed in the space. The best solution to this is to layer your lighting throughout your room. Ambient lighting is great to light the whole room, but when it comes to reading and other activities accent lighting is perfect for this.

Your lights are better off with a dimmer switch and separate on/off switches, therefore giving you better control over each light this allows you to light only the areas you want.

Dress Your Windows

A dressed window will help frame your window and the view. Textiles around your window are also a great way to provide colours, patterns, textures and a softness to a bedroom. If you love soft sheer curtains that filter light you can always combine these with an opaque blind which can be pulled down to maintain privacy at night or to block any morning light.

Let Your Bedroom Be Your Sanctuary

When it’s time for bed, try to discipline yourself keep all technical elements such as your phone, laptop and even television outside of your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and wind-down, meaning you will have a room solely dedicated to reading and sleeping.