Every woman wants her own Vanity Mirror and here’s some reasons why!

1. Perfect Makeup Lighting.

Good lighting is makeup’s best friend. Having an illuminated Mirror will allow your makeup to look flawless everyday due to our LED dimmable light bulbs inspired by pro makeup artists. 



2. If you’ve got it flaunt it! 

Get creative with the space you have. A Reflections of Me Hollywood Vanity is just like an accent piece and will look perfect wherever you decide to put it, wether it be the bedroom, bathroom or living area, you’ll want to show it off! 



3. An excuse to shop for more makeup essentials!

Now you have your stunning new Hollywood Mirror it’s time to organize your makeup and see what’s on the shopping list. A girl can never have too many makeup brushes! See our handy box set of 12 beauty brushes below.



4. A daily reminder of how gorgeous you are!

With no regrets, you will start to spend a little more time infont of your Vanity Mirror! You will be able to create and sculpt your own looks and build that confidence!



5. They’re easy to install.

Just open the box, screw in the LED bulbs and plug in! Designed to replicate the lighting that pro makeup artists use in film and theatre, you’ll be able to adjust the dimmer to suit your requirements.  


light switch on mirror


6. They set the mood. 

When used as the only source of light they create a relaxing glow that adds ambience to any room. Turn the lights down low and enjoy an amazing bubble bath! No need for messy candles! 




Reflections of Me Hollywood Mirrors are available in various different colours, finishes and sizes, from the traditional Broadway to the larger Starlight range . Whether  it’s a Rose Gold Sparkle or Black Satin finish, we’re  sure you’ll find your perfect match! 



If you want any advice on which Mirror is best for your needs, please feel free to contact us.