Beauty sleep is not a myth. No amounts of  face serums, anti ageing creams or peels can give your skin the fresh faced glow of a restful nights sleep. When you don’t get enough rest, your body causes collagen to disintegrate over time, causing less firmness and elasticity which shows up as lines, wrinkles and thinner skin.


What you can do about it!

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Switch off all gadgets and the television that distracts you from sleeping.

Have a night time routine. Before bed, try a relaxing hot bath with essential oils like lavender which promotes sleep and a light facial massage with your favourite cream.

Eat cherries! They contain melatonin, a natural chemical that ensures our internal clock works efficiently.

Avoid sleep stealing foods such as coffee and spicy food as they accelerate digestion. Have a cup of warm milk or cocoa!