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If you’re looking for precision tweezers that are professional standard, look no further than precision tweezers from Reflections of Me. Our tweezers are designed with precision in mind, and the ends of our tweezers meet perfectly, allowing you to achieve perfect precision, time and time again.

Threading, HD and micro balding may have ushered in a new age brow boom, but no beauty kit is complete without a pair of precision tweezers from Reflections of Me. To achieve perfectly groomed and tidy brows, you’ll need the right kit and, while grooming trends come and go, our precision tweezers are designed to last. Stable, resilient and ergonomically shaped for maximum effectiveness and ease of handling, our precision tweezers are perfect for anyone looking for cost effective, high quality and long lasting tweezers for their beauty kits.

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Expertly pluck, shape and tame your eyebrows to perfection with the Reflections of Me precision tweezers, to tidy and maintain your eyebrows. Featuring a slanted tip to provide accuracy and precision to pluck even the toughest and finest hairs. The precision tweezers are finished with black satin, to provide a firm grip for ultra-easy hair removal.

The Dimensions Of Our Precision Tweezers

The dimensions of our precision tweezers are as follows:

9.5cm length x 1cm width x 0.5cm depth.

How To use

We recommend that you start by brushing your eyebrows, so that the hairs are going upwards (toothbrushes work great!), which allows you to see where to pluck. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room, and your brows should start straight up from the inner corner of each eye; the ach placement comes from a line from the nostril to centred pupil, to brow and then outer edge from nostril to the outer corner of the eye. Then, pluck one hair at a time.

Be sure to stand back from the mirror at regular intervals to check the overall look and remember: if in doubt, do not pluck it out!


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