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The Broadway – Silver Sparkle

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  The Broadway Hollywood mirror range is designed using solid materials and comes with a 10 year guarantee. It is the ideal gift for your family and friends. Delivery is free in the UK and we ship internationally.


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If you love makeup, then our silver sparkle mirrors are a great choice for you, there’s no better way to ensure that your makeup is looking on point. At Reflections of Me, we offer a range of silver Broadway mirrors, you’re bound to find something great to suit your requirements.

The silver sparkle mirrors that we provide are stylish and beautiful, these light up make up mirrors means that you can bring some glamour into your home. We have a range of mirrors with lights available, but The Broadway Silver Sparkle, really is something special. What’s more is it’s great for a number of different rooms, from your bathroom, bedroom to your dressing room.

The Broadway Hollywood Mirror

Transform your room with The Broadway Hollywood Mirror, it will provide the perfect lighting effects when it comes to applying your makeup or fixing your hair. Our silver sparkle mirror is the ultimate beauty accessory and will offer a luxurious touch to your dressing table whilst you’re doing your makeup.

As well as being a stylish addition to your home, the Broadway silver sparkle is also fully functional and made to only the highest standards. So should you want to shave, pluck your eyebrows or fix your hair, you can trust that the enhanced lighting will ensure that you look amazing either way.

Silver Sparkle Mirrors

The silver sparkle mirrors is perfect for your makeup, décor and selfie needs, the mirror is designed and created to only the highest standard. As well as being truly stunning, the silver sparkle mirror includes useful functions as well as being durable. The Broadway Hollywood mirror provides glamourous lighting as well as superior clarity. So make sure you choose the Broadway Silver Sparkle Mirror, guaranteed to make every makeup session a pleasure and that you’ll fall in love with them everyday.

Lighted Broadway mirrors are a great way to apply your makeup, ensuring that it’s applied smoothly and you look fabulous. These specialist mirrors will give you a close up look at your face, something that traditional mirrors simply can’t offer. When it comes to technology nowadays it is so advanced, so you can trust that our light up mirrors use only innovative technology.

The Broadway Silver Sparkle Mirror from Reflections of Me

We offer only quality mirrors with lights to clients and customers across the UK, we’re known as a number one supplier for makeup mirrors for professional makeup artists, salons, celebrities and homes. The silver sparkle mirror is more than just a makeup mirrors with lights around it, they’ll make a statement and create a sophisticated look and feel, as well as offering great customer service.

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As well as the silver sparkle mirrors, we also offer a selection of other great mirrors with lights, so whether you’re looking for black or white gloss mirrors, freestanding or wall mounted, all of the professional vanity mirrors we offer include LED bulbs of only the best quality, you’re bound to create the perfect setting.

Reflections of Me’s passion for providing the ultimate beauty accessory alongside exceptional customer service is what makes us one of the most popular retailers for illuminated vanity mirrors in the UK. You can trust that you’ll receive a vanity mirror of premium quality, there’s really nowhere else to go.

The Broadway Make-up Mirror is hand made from wood and finished with either satin paint, sparkle or covered with Faux Leather or Faux Crocodile.

It is designed for simplicity of use and is pre-assembled only requiring the lamps screwing into the lamp-holders – the supply cable with dimmer and plug connecting into the mini-socket, which is located within the rear compartment of the Mirror – and the mains plug (protected by a 3 amp fuse) into the supply socket.

The dimmer, which is also the “On/Off” power switch is operated by fully rotating clockwise to provide maximum output and when turning anti-clockwise will dim to eventual off, when fully rotated, noting a click into the off position. Access to the concealed storage compartment is by pulling the Tab on the back panel, which is also the support for the Mirror in free-standing mode.

The Broadway Make-Up Mirror is supplied with 14 x 4 Watt LED Dimmable Bulbs with E14 Screw Cap (located within the storage compartment) and whilst the Mirror only takes 12 Bulbs, there are spares in case of Bulb damage. Always ensure the power is disconnected before fitting or removing lamps.

The Broadway Make-Up Mirror is supplied with 2 x pre-fixed brackets to the rear of the Mirror for wall mounting. Remove protective film from the Mirror before use. Measures:  Housing only – 560mm high x 440mm wide x 75mm deep When opened with free standing support bracket at the base – 560mm high x 440mm wide x 260mm deep Note that the “deep” measurements exclude the depth of the lamp – for your information this is an additional 60mm. CE & RoHS certified The Mirror should not be left in direct sunlight as the UV can cause fading and damage to the finishes.

Important: Do not touch the Bulbs when illuminated – The Broadway Mirror uses 4 Watt LED Dimmable Bulbs for illumination, which when switched on will run warm but not hot; however take care not to touch until they have cooled down. In the event you already have the Broadway Model with the Halogen Bulbs, these will run very hot and must not be touched. Allow a cooling period after switching off before changing/touching the Bulbs.

Additional information

Dimensions56 × 44 × 75 cm

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Ready to use with just 3 simple steps


Remove the bulbs from the rear compartment and screw into the lamp-holders.


Insert the dimming power cable into the mini socket located in the rear compartment


Use the compartment panel cover as the support for free standing on a flat surface and plug the supply cable into the wall power socket.


DIMMABLE POWER CABLE Our mirrors are supplied with a high quality detachable power cable, incorporating the dimmer switch, allowing you to dim the mirror lights to meet your personal requirements. The cables can be purchased separately in the event you need a replacement or require a European plug. These are available to order from our Accessory section at £12.50 (including free delivery to UK mainland). 14 BULBS INCLUDED WITH EACH MIRROR Each mirror requires 12 x bulbs but we supply you with an additional 2 for spares. We know colour rendition is important and we have provided the bulbs at 2700 kelvins, which of course can be dimmed to suit your lighting requirements. Replacement bulbs are available to order from our Accessory section priced at £46.80 for 12 x bulbs (including free delivery to UK mainland). FREE STANDING OR WALL MOUNTING You can stand the mirror on a flat surface, such as a dressing table, by using the hinged rear panel or use the pre-fixed brackets for wall mounting options.


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