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Here at Reflections of Me, we offer high quality and cost effective eyelash curlers to customers throughout the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for fool proof eyelash application, look no further than the eyelash curlers from Reflections of Me. Achieve the perfect curl with Reflection of Me eyelash curlers, which feature fantastic features and design, to help you achieve the ultimate precision when applying your eyelashes. You can ask any make-up artist or eyelash connoisseur what they rely on for stunning, curled eyelashes and there’s a good chance that they’ll tell you that while fantastic mascara, a few sets of false nails and a healthy dose of good genes are key, nothing beats the eye-opening effects of a quality pair of eyelash curlers. If you pick the correct pair and use them in the right way, you’ll have beautiful eyelashes that will last all day. Make your lashes appear longer and fuller with eyelash curlers from Reflections of Me.

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The eyelash curlers that we offer throughout the United Kingdom are perfectly proportioned to fit a wide range of different eye shapes for maximum curl, without any nasty tips or twinges. Our eyelash curlers are the gifts that keeps on giving, allowing you to achieve a youthful, wide awake look (despite any sleep deprivation that you may be supporting!).

With eyelash curlers from Reflections of Me, you can create beautifully curled lashes. The innovative design creates an amplified effect, ensuring every lash is curled to glamorous perfection. The eyelash curlers come with one extra free silicone pad which should be replaced every 3 months or so.

Please take care when using this product, due to the close proximity of the eye and keep our eyelash curlers out of the reach of children.


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