Broadway Mirrors

The Ultimate Broadway Mirror

Should you be looking for Broadway Mirrors, look no further, at Reflections of Me we are home to a selection of only the best mirrors. Our range of Broadway Mirrors come in different colours and styles, so you're bound to find something to suit your requirements. At Reflections of Me, we're experts when it comes to mirrors, so you can trust that all of our Broadway Mirrors are manufactured to the best quality. Perfect for make-up lovers across the UK, our mirrors aim to deliver exceptional results. Our selection glamorous mirrors are the only way to do make-up.

With a Broadway mirror you can truly capture your beauty in the best possible light. The Broadway mirror is just the right size to fit on any side or dressing room table. With a range of sparkly or faux leather options to choose from, we have something for everyone. Our mirrors are designed with professionals in mind, but are perfect for everyone to use. Should you not be sure what you’re looking for or require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our products.  

Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror

Frustrated at getting ready in a dimly lit area? Well, the Broadway lighted vanity mirror is the perfect solution. Our Broadway mirror with lights combines both style and practicality. With the ability to have it both hung and freestanding, you can easily add it into your room. Surrounded with 12 bulbs the Broadway lighted vanity mirror offers just the right amount of lighting for you to get ready.

When it comes to Broadway Mirrors with lights, you’ve come to the right place. At Reflections of Me, we provide a wide range of mirror products which come in a range of sizes and colours. Having a large selection of Broadway Mirror styles, means you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with Reflections of Me. Over the years, we have supplied our Broadway mirrors with lights to both individuals and industry professionals. No matter what your requirements might be for a beauty mirror, the Broadway lighted vanity mirror is the perfect option.

Our range of mirrors also includes Starlight Mirrors and Magnifique Mirrors.

Be Beautiful With A Broadway Mirror

Broadway mirrors allow everyone to feel beautiful. We believe that everyone is beautiful and the Broadway mirror is just right for any girl or boy that takes pride in themselves. As a true showpiece, the mirror will stand out in your room and you’re sure to make your friends jealous. From stylish faux leather black options to something more glamorous like the silver sparkle mirror, we have something for everyone. The Broadway mirror is bold and beautiful and is one of the only mirrors on the market to combine both style and practicality in one.

Reasons To Buy Broadway Mirrors

We have been supplying our Broadway light up mirrors to both industry professionals and individuals throughout the UK for many years. The Broadway mirror combines style, lighting and usability all in one. All of our mirrors are of a high quality and are designed to be hardwearing and long-lasting. If you’re looking for a new mirror, then be sure to make the Broadway light up mirror a serious contender. We believe some of the reasons you should buy a Broadway mirror are:

  • Range of styles to choose from
  • Suitable for both professionals and individuals
  • Delivery throughout the UK
  • Built in lighting allows for easy makeup application
  • A stylish and practical mirror

Buy Light Up Broadway Mirrors from Reflections of Me

At Reflections of Me, we stock a great range of light up Broadway mirrors, all of which range if size, colour and style. Whether you need a new vanity mirror or simply a new stylish mirror for you room, the Broadway lighted vanity mirror is the perfect option for you. Our full range of Broadway mirrors is available to browse and buy online. We offer delivery throughout the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions About Broadway Mirrors

Why Do I Need an Illuminated Mirror?

Good lighting is makeup’s best friend. Having an illuminated Mirror will allow your makeup to look flawless everyday due to our LED dimmable light bulbs inspired by pro makeup artists.

A Hollywood Mirror also allows you to get creative with the space you have. A Reflections of Me Hollywood Vanity is just like an accent piece and will look perfect wherever you decide to put it, whether it be the bedroom, bathroom or living area, you’ll want to show it off!

Why Choose Reflections of Me for Starlight Mirrors?

If you are looking to add Hollywood glamour to vanity area then look no further than Reflections of me. Our range of illuminated mirrors have been developed in consultation with make-up artists to offer facilities used in Stage, TV, Film and the Fashion world, for every day use at home.

As a division of Morgan Hope Industries Ltd, Reflections of Me has the benefit of access to an organisation with nearly 25 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of lighting and related technology to all areas of commerce and industry both in the UK and overseas.

How Do I Clean My Mirror?

It’s inevitable that with dust and dirt in the air your mirror at some point will become dirty. Rather than letting it accumulate, it’s best to keep on top of cleaning, whether you’re looking to clean a small magnifying mirror or a large Hollywood mirror, we’ve listed our 10 quick and easy step process.

  • Assess the condition of your mirror
  • Collect your cleaning materials
  • Mix your mirror cleaning solution, or use pre-made window cleaner
  • Pre-treat any troubled sports
  • Wet the surface, using a clean cotton rag
  • Clean the mirror from top to bottom
  • Don’t forget to do the corners and edges
  • Dry the mirror with a microfiber cloth
  • Check the mirror at every angle to verify it’s clean
  • Take a selfie!

What Bulbs Do I Use in my Makeup Mirror?

Our Hollywood Mirrors come with 15 light bulbs and last for 30,000 hours (a whopping 1250 days!

At Reflections of Me, we also provide a range of accessories for your Hollywood Mirror, from power cables to new bulbs, we have everything to ensure that your mirror with lights is working perfectly. We provide mirror accessories for a range of Hollywood Mirrors including Broadway Mirrors, Starlight Mirrors and Magnifique Mirrors.

For more information on any of our products, simply contact our team today.