It’s nearly that time of the year again, HALLOWEEN!!! Not long to go now so it’s time to think about your look!

Time to get our your spooktastic makeup out and get creative!



Just because it’s a scary night out, it doesn’t mean that your don’t have to look gorgeously ghoolish, just take a look at these girls…




Here’s some ideas for you to look pretty gore-geous even though you can still give everyone a good scare!



Don’t forget to accessorise too! Top hats, cat suits, contact lenses and vampire teeth can finish off your look and make you totally Fangtastic!



Obviously you’ll need the right lighting and we have the perfect range be it our Broadway or Starlight illuminated Mirrors . For your perfect Halloween Makeup application, use our set of 12 Beauty Brushes!



From all of us at Reflections of Me, have a wicked Halloween!