Six hair hacks for lazy girls!

woman sleeping

If like most of us, you suffer from choosing between looking great or the extra half an hour in bed in the mornings, then this blog post will help you get the best of both worlds!

The fringe wash

If you’ve missed your alarm or purposely missed your alarm (we have all been there don’t worry), then you will know the feel of panic of leaving the house with dirty greasy hair when you finally do get out of bed! One quick fix is the fringe wash! Simply wash just your fringe and the rest can wait until later, a quick blow dry and style as you wish – simple and no one will ever know!

Dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo is every lazy girl’s best friend! Although Brunette’s have the struggle of looking like a bag of flour has exploded on their head (or the dreaded dandruff look). Batiste do a XL volume specifically for brunette’s and it works wonders!! Not only will your hair look clean, it has first day wash volume! Other great dry shampoos include Moroccan Oil, Treseme and Aussie! Personal Favourite: Batiste Cherry Dry shampoo.

Talcum Powder

If you have simply just run out of dry shampoo, then talcum powder does just the trick! Be sure to brush it out well to avoid the dreaded dandruff look! Handy tip: pour some powder onto your hairbrush first and then give the hairbrush a little shake and then you are ready to brush through your new clean hair! For better results; apply the talcum powder to your hair the night before and sleep on it. You will wake up with a non-greasy messy bed hair look.

The hat trick

Simply put a hat on your hair! Whether it be a bobble hat, beanie, baseball cap, whatever hat you fancy; covers your hair for the day!

Style your hair the night before

For an effortless curl in your hair, sleep with your hair in plaits overnight. In the morning just simply take the plaits out and viola you are ready to go! Alternatively, for tighter curls, make little buns on your head (Miley Cyrus look) and your hair will be even curlier and your morning routine will be significantly reduced!

Hair cut

Have your hair cut into a style you can manage easily in the mornings! You can thank us later!

woman waking up

Bye for now…