Here at Reflections of Me, we have been supplying mirrors to customers throughout the UK for some time now. During this time, we have developed an outstanding reputation for the mirrors we offer. But, we highly believe that the aftercare of mirrors is highly important. From cleaning the mirror to changing the bulbs, looking after your mirror will help to keep it in good condition for years to come. Whether you’re looking for pro tips on how to clear mirrors or simply need help on how to get rid of smudges on your mirror, we can help.

It’s needless to say that cleaning a mirror can be difficult, especially when they get finger marks and smudges on them. So, to help take away the stress and burden of keeping on top of cleaning your mirror, Reflections of Me have outlined a step by step process on mirror cleaning.

Cleaning Makeup Mirrors

No matter if you use mirrors to help plan your outfit or to apply makeup, it’s inevitable that they will get dirty at some point. Be it over time with dust or loose makeup, it can all be cleaned away easy enough with the right products and techniques. Hence why our mirror specialists have provided some professional guidance to assist you with cleaning makeup mirrors.

Step by Step Process on Mirror Cleaning

Mirrors can easily build up dust, grime, makeup, or smudges. Rather than letting it accumulate, it’s best to keep on top of cleaning. So, here’s our step by step by process on mirror cleaning. Whether you’re looking for tips on cleaning a small magnifying mirror or a large Hollywood Mirror, we hope that our guide to cleaning your mirrors helps. See below our 10-step process.

  1. Assess the condition of your mirror
  2. Collect your cleaning materials
  3. Mix your mirror cleaning solution, or use pre-made window cleaner
  4. Pre-treat any troubled sports
  5. Wet the surface, using a clean cotton rag
  6. Clean the mirror from top to bottom
  7. Don’t forget to do the corners and edges
  8. Dry the mirror with a microfiber cloth
  9. Check the mirror at every angle to verify it’s clean
  10. Take a selfie!

Now that you have an immaculate clean mirror again, it’s time to keep it up. Try to get into a routine of cleaning your mirrors at least once a week. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your mirror will make it much quicker to clean and easier in the sense that you will be more confident in knowing that you can get no streaks. And of course, when you’re finished cleaning it’s only routine to take a selfie in your gorgeously clean mirror!

Order Your Mirrors from Reflections of Me

Reflections of Me hope that our help and advice on how to clean your mirrors as provided you with some thought on how to complete a streak free finish. Should you be looking to invest in a new mirror to clean, be sure to order your mirrors from Reflections of Me. Upon doing so, our team will be happy to help discuss your needs and talk through our mirror options. So, waste no time and order your mirrors online with Reflections of Me today.