4 fruit infused water ideas to help you drink more water in 2017!

From a young age, it was drilled into us to drink 8 glasses of water a day, which is equivalent to 2 litres! A lot of people struggle to drink this much particularly as water can taste very boring and bland! However, if you spread this throughout the day its less than one glass of water every hour – but a lot of people forget! Many people even make a new year’s resolution to get in the habit of drinking more water on a daily basis.

To help you overcome this, we have come up with our favorite fruit infused waters to keep you on track for drinking those 2 litres every day in 2017! These naturally flavoured fruit infused waters help to ease stress and curb your sweet tooth! If you’re on the go – pick up a fruit infuser bottle and you’re ready!

**Extra tip – old jars and pretty straws make your fruit infused waters even more appealing!

Strawberry, lemon and basil

This infusion is surprisingly very nice! Basil seems a strange ingredient to put in water, however the strawberry and lemons fruitiness is light and refreshing! This drink has high levels of antioxidants, source of vitamin C and contains essential oils such as Eugenol and citrate.

Watermelon and mint

Use the watermelon and mint infusion as a detox drink to maximise body potential! This infusion provides a refreshing a sweet boost. Watermelon is a good source for staying hydrated and nourishes your skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants and has previous links with a healthy heart and bones. Mint soothes nausea and menstrual cramps!

Citrus and cucumber

Cucumber water has been around for many, many years (before the fruit infused water hype) and is the world’s most popular detox drink! Not only is it refreshing, clearing your pallet, cucumbers provide many health benefits. They provide a good source of vitamin B, are rich in potassium and have even been known to fight cancer.

Apple, Kiwi and cucumber and mint

This fruit infused drink is perfect for the sweet tooth and provides all the benefits mentioned above plus more!! Kiwi is a good source of vitamin C, K and copper. Apples are rich in antioxidants (like they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away) flavonoids and dietary fibre and add a fresh crisp flavor. ­­