Black Friday Survival guide 2016

Retailers and shoppers are once again preparing themselves for Black Friday – are you prepared?! Do not worry, we have put together a plan to get you through this Black Friday and bag you those bargains!

Over a quarter of UK adults anticipate purchasing something this Black Friday or Cyber Monday and the average purchase amount is £203 according to PWC.

Online is the safer bet for shoppers this year along with 77% of other online shoppers in comparison to a small 17% who choose to brave purchasing instore.

1. HAVE A PLAN and stick to it!!

Make a list of all the purchases you want to make – stick to it and don’t go off track!

2. BUDGET – although it is tempting to spend all your money with everything cheaper, it is easy to overspend. Choose what you really need and make a limit for each item so that you don’t spend money you don’t have!

3. Get comfy – it is going to be a long day!!

If you are doing your purchasing online, get into your pjs and duvet with snacks at hand. If you are brave enough to do your shopping instore, get your hats, scarfs, gloves and comfy trainers or boots as you may need to queue!

4. Don’t waste time queuing and purchase your goods online!

5. Stay safe – On a serious note, Black Friday is pickpocketers galore! Keep your money and valuables safe! Carry minimal cash and keep it somewhere safe and hidden!

6. If you decide to purchase in store, use the buddy system and work as a team!

7. Coffee coffee and more coffee

Keep your energy levels fueled as its going to be a looooong day!

8. Wait for Cyber Monday if you’re not 100% – you may grab a bigger bargain!

9. Relaxation routine to recover from your hard spending day!

Get your feet up (if you shopped online, still keep your feet up!) and get yourself a face mask and some films on!

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