Rose Gold continues to be the most saught after hue of 2017/18, after been having voted THE colour of 2016. 

This metalic, luminous shade is everywhere from makeup to mobile phones, tech gadgets & hair hues, because it’s known to be a universally flattering shade.


Cartier first introduced this opulent colour in the 1920’s by adding flecs of pink to gold and cemented it’s popularity in culture up until this day.

It’s use in makeup is so popular because it adds natural warmth to bloom complections and is instantly youthful.


We’re happy to announce that  Reflections of Me has added a cool and sophisticated,  Limited Edition Rose Gold Sparkle Vanity Mirror to the Broadway Collection.


The Broadway – Rose Gold


This is the perfect present for any Rose Gold fan or somebody who wants to bask in it’s warm glow! For a short time only we’re adding a free gift from our Magnifique Mirror range to your order. 

Which ever way you look at it, Rose Gold is here to stay and we love it!