Follow our 1 to 7 step tutorial on how to achieve a naturally golden glow! 



1. Make sure your skin is cleansed & moisturized.

2. Apply a mineral based concealers under eyes & cover any areas of redness. 

3. Dab a touch of highlighter to the planes of your face such as the bridge of your nose, cheekbones & under eyes.




4. Define your eyebrows with a soft brow pencil  making sure that your eyebrows are cleanly plucked! 

Use Reflections of Me precision tweezers for a perfect finish.



5. Prep your eyelids with a bit of concealer before sweeping a natural colour eye shadow across the creases of the eye. 



6. Use a mascara with a smaller, thinner wand for a more natural look but fill in the corners more and use Reflections of Me eyelash curlers for a pretty lift!



7. Keep your lis soft! Use neutral tones for a barely there finish or use a tinted lip gloss to glam it up! 



Use these neutral colours &  tones shown in the photo above & Reflections of Me set of 12 makeup brushes in its own handy travel tin and you’re good to go!